'Luminaire' Desk Light - Introducing Luminaire, a modern desk light incorporating moss to bring you closer to nature

'Luminaire' Desk Light - An innovative desk light, helping to bring about positivity and a better mood

'Luminaire' Desk Light - Luminaire in context

'Eywa' Pod - A pod designed to relax in and to bring you closer to nature

'Eywa' Pod - The Eywa Pod is designed to help people connect with nature in indoor spaces, by plants growing over time around them

'Eywa' Pod - With a built in hydroponic system, living plants will slowly grow over time, giving you that natural experience

'Eywa' Pod - A close up of the Eywa pod

'Eywa' Pod - The Eywa Pod was designed for indoor spaces such as offices and universities

'Eywa' Pod - Eywa pod in context

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