A designed response to landscape change - Sea level rise and flooding place the hard edges which have defined Fairbourne under increasing pressure. common conditions of coastal communities across the UK and globally

Landscape change dialogues / investigations - This project proposes a new identity for Fairbourne as a landscape laboratory, investigating the lived experience of landscape change

Masterplan - Landscape settings draw on the character of water to creating middle grounds between previously fixed states to encourage engagement with landscape change

Landscape change settings - A design that recognises landscape change as a continuum - encompassing ancient / everyday / future landscape memories

Detailed design - play - A landscape design that establishes a framework of settings for participative and collaborative experiments in responding to landscape change and loss through art / landscape / architecture

Design as an establishing act - Dragon’s Teeth become establishing acts / focal points for experimentation and play. The breach instigates the new salt marsh landscape. Structures respond to the new settings

A landscape motif - The Dragon’s Tooth represents Fairbourne’s defensive heritage. Reimagined and recontextualised - respectful of Fairbourne’s past - a defensive vernacular becomes a motif encouraging engagement in landscape change

Playing with the motif in response to site - Through varying scale / function motifs become a means to respond to landscape settings in ways that engage all actors with flexibility and openness about outcomes

Landscape memorial design iterations - Design iterations considered alternative approaches for a memorial structure while maintaining visual impact in the landscape

Engaging with landscape change - emergence of a middle ground - The design mediates the uncertainty of and engagement with a changing landscape. Designed structures become stages for human and non human actors to perform

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