Terraform - Terraform started with my love of interesting and unique manufacturing processes. I had always wanted to try steam bending, but never found the right time to learn - so I had to try for my final project.

Terraform - Having completed this project I can say that it has been the most incredible experience going from complete novice, to producing a completed coffee table that was bent and welded in my back garden.

Terraform - Rendered vs. Actual Comparison

Terraform - Although I didn't have access to a photography studio, here is Terraform insitu at home.

Pyriform - A second project I would like to highlight is Pyriform - an earlier project focusing on how users leave and enter the home.

Pyriform - Pyriform blends design and functionality with a coat rack, as well as a pocket for small items such as keys and masks. The mirror widens at the top to allow you to clearly see your reflection for those final checks as you leave the house.

Pyriform - In use shot

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