Animation of Design Proposal and the - The animation demonstrates the adaptability of the design proposal, a dynamic programme of play that allows simultaneous stacked performance spaces and/or seating arrangements at courtyard level and first-floor level (within the proposed projection for the existing sports hall and on the roof deck of the new gym). The courtyard comprises an arena and new gym for weight lifting that connects to the existing sports hall by an upgraded staircase. The red metal corrugated folding openings resemble theatre curtains and allow the existing youth centre opportunities to view the programme of play in many ways.

Site Photos and developing a strategic brief - St Martin's Youth and Community Centre in Highgate Birmingham was surveyed through photographs, drawings, site visits and conversations.

Site Survey Drawings - The folding walls of the proposed arena and gym was influenced by the "ribbon" of existing facades that fold and connect forming the yard.

Existing Leftover Spaces of the Site in Detail - Surveying in detail allowed for more considerate design decisions within the rich context of surrounding area (and the wider context of Highgate).

Isometric Diagrams of Proposal in Context - The design aims to facilitate performance, sports, play and public engagement at street level while allowing maximum flexibility to the centre's weekly operations.

View at Street Level and Construction of Projection - The development of the projection carefully considered and embraced the order, proportions and temple-like presence of the centre's back elevation.

Internal view of projection and detail to fix projection to existing sports hall - View within the existing sports hall at first floor level and proposed detail to fix the exposed delicately braced steel projection to the existing columns

Proposed Floor Plans - The irregular shaped yard was a challenging aspect to design within especially to create a symmetrical arena.

Key Section A-A - The flexibility of the spaces and how the arena can become a 2-storey dynamic experience is demonstrated through this section.

Section B-B (Proposed Back Elevation) - The entrances to the gym and courtyard are positioned this way to retain the symmetry of the new arena and back elevation.

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