File (Alegra Brochure) available for download

Alegra Brochure - Please download to view more about my project.

Alegra - Bringing Joy To Your Home - In context image.

Alegra - Cherry - Alegra is also available in cherry and walnut veneer. All three veneers are FSC certified, ensuring they come from responsibly managed forests.

Alegra - Walnut - The materials chosen for this shelf are all of a high quality, resulting in a product that will stand the test of time.

Alegra - The Manufacturing Process -

Alegra - The Final Prototype - A full size proof-of-principle model was produced and fully tested to highlight any problems.

Alegra Presentation Board -

Alegra Wall Shelf - New Designers 2021 Award Winner - Winner of the Habitat Furniture Design Award - Alegra offers the option of several different coloured doors to choose from, providing the consumer with the opportunity to vary the colour options to suit their mood and current environment, and enhance their mental health.

Alegra - Context Image - Store a multitude of items behind the interchangeable opaque and transparent coloured acrylic sliding doors.

Alegra Viva Presentation

Alegra Design Video

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