Paula Rego's House - A casted fragment of the house of Paula Rego. Capturing the unique architectural details alongside the culture of Portugal.

The Theatre - A proposal of a theatre space that is inspired by Paula Rego's artwork ''War''.

The Workshop - The workshop is a space created to construct costumes for characters from Paula Rego's paintings. It is inspired by the painting ''Military Manoeuvres''.

Statue of Paula Rego - A hand crafted statue in the memory of Paula Rego placed within an auditorium space allowing people to have speeches and events.

Canvas cloth - a canvas cloth that is painted and overlaid with Paula Rego's ''11 Rooms'' from Tate exhibition. These rooms explain Rego's life.

External Visual - The proposal for a memorial space for Paula Rego. Constructed as a refurbishment and extension around her old house in Portugal.

Masterplan - An abstract master plan that shows all three levels of the proposal, highlighting key architectural detail in a perspective plan view.

Two Point Elevational Perspective - A wide angle perspective of the overall scheme proposed for Paula Rego's memorial space.

The Barn - One of the 11 Spaces proposed. Inspired by the artwork ''Barn'' by Paula Rego the space is designed to be a greenhouse.

Auditorium Iso - Development of the 3D space while keeping everything traditional to its culture. The auditorium space allows peoples voices to be heard.

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