Design Guide - How can I improve the ethnic relation with design? By investigating the issue of multi-culturalism in Malaysia, the design aim to create positive intervention between social, culture and nature.

Space Planning: Transforming an old community park - Extended the existing park boundary to accommodate a diverse range of facilities and provide a range of experiences for the re-bonding of community.

Masterplan - The park is built on a hilly terrain with reserve forests surrounded, which I think is an ideal place to introduce more nature experiences to the people.

Activities in the Park - Every ethnic can be involved and feel welcome in the park which includes a community garden, sharing orchard, recreation area and many other interesting areas.

Lighting Characteristic - Different types of lighting in each location create different kinds of atmosphere for the visitors.

Sketches of Planting Design - The exploration and development of planting design. Thinking of shading, colours scheme, viewpoints and planting selection.

Community Garden - Join the community garden, share knowledge and harvest the vegetables together. Enjoy food-to-table at the Cafe that provide multi-cultural dishes.

Key Area Design: Entrance Plaza + Recreation Area - The entrance of the park is important to let visitors feel welcome which does not emphasize either type of ethnic character but instead, the common elements that all Malaysian share in their memory.

Hibiscus Fountain: Inspired by the National Flower - A design of a dry fountain that situated in the middle of the recreation area with technical drawings and diagram of waters to drainage.

Site Journey Narrative - This picture shows the five senses and elements on the site with collages. For example, from activities like Tai-chi to hiking and feeling of peacefulness to adrenaline.

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