Children's area Key area 3 master plan
Trees round square,key area 2 master plan
Historic walls and glass corridors
Basic function area  and routing
Trees round square,
Narrative collage of the site
Site location and basic information
Timeline changes and node and surrounding plant configuration changes
The material of the historical wall and the material of the road, angles and glass panels, respond to different histories
Lighting effect

Key area 3 master plan - Key area 3 master plan

key area 2 master plan - key area 2 master plan

Key area 1 - key area 1

Master plan - Master plan 1:200

key area 2 perspective - key area 2 perspective

Narrative - Narrative, strategy

Site location - site location

time line - Time node history

key area 1 perspective - key area 1 perspective

Lighting effect - Lighting effect

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