Vision - The project envisages a network of open spaces that allow people to connect with Food. The Edible Park occupying the Smithfield site is at the centre of this network and brings a park to Birmingham that combines agroecology principles with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Masterplan - Food and community growing tries to respond to the needs of communities in the area, having healthy eating, education, therapy and wellbeing at its core. It also considers issues around food demand and supply, reduction of the carbon dioxide generated in the transportation of food, and climate deterioration issues.

Activities and spaces across the site

500 masterplan

The Healing Garden - This space is designed to bring some fun to the people being treated in the therapy centre and help to speed up their healing process. The space provide opportunities for sunbathing, meeting, fishing, and grow flowers and vegetables.

Sections across the fish pond

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