Sketchbook spread of a collage with newspaper, medical report sheet and photograph of beach, picture of an amethyst crystal
Sketchbook page spread of a collage with themes and elements of queerness, femininity, make-up and typography
Collage inspiring you to take action, word cut outs to form sentences over a white page and a page with a photo of clouds against a blue sky.
Collage of vintage ad, performance piece about menstruation, images of red meat, blood

Art Journal Pages - "Landline Friendship" - Through this collage, I wanted to capture the bittersweet nature of lost connections and the emotional journey it entails.

Art Journal Pages - "Queeressential" - This collage deals with identity, self expression and liberation in regards to themes of sexuality and gender identity. Exploration of femininity in society

Art Journal Pages - "Clorophilia" - Fragmented collage, using typography and words to make sense of life purpose and philosophy. Cutting out bits of paper from magazines to feel something.

Art Journal Pages - "Physical Equilibrium" - Collage looking at the colour red, association with blood, guts, meat 🥩

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