A magazine cover designed by Jessie Milton. The cover reads 'inks tattoo magazine' and features the name in big red letters on a black background with white wavy lines.
A spread from 'inks' that discusses old and new apprenticeships. There is an image on one page of a neon green sphynx cat outline.
Another spread from 'inks tattoo magazine' with the title 'Stories & Ink'. There is an image of the tattoo aftercare line from Stories and Ink at the top.
A beige background with pastel blue and purple accents. It reads "Subtle Sexism: Exploring discrimination across all levels of the design industry" and says at the bottom "Researched, designed and presented by Jessie Milton".
An illustrated Bombay Sapphire gin bottle, surrounded by light and dark blue waves.
A bright orange background with yellow and white text that reads "Ring in the 'New' New Year with Gordons" and shows two yellow illustrated gin glasses clinking together.

inks Magazine Cover - I wanted to write and design a tattoo magazine that didn't sexualise women, and instead focused on the art.

inks Magazine Spread - 'inks' was designed as the project that followed my dissertation which explored the history and modern uses of tattooing.

inks Magazine Spread - Another spread from 'inks' that looks at a brand of tattoo aftercare with packaging designed by creative agency Robot Food.

Subtle Sexism Presentation - Subtle Sexism is a seminar I wrote and designed the presentation for about how sexism affects every level of the design industry.

Bombay Sapphire Illustration - A brief set from Bombay Sapphire was to create an illustration that featured their iconic blue bottle.

Gordons 21st of Gin - A social media post for a campaign I created with a collaborative group, where the end of lockdown was like a new New Year.

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