Image showing two tigers playfully surveying a family of 3 magpies, one hanging upside down, one hidden behind a tree and another confidently cawing at the tigers. Fabric is wrapped around the tree and the scene behind is a subtle green landscape.
An image showing a family of birds, at the top of an illustration is a crow facing to the right, underneath this is a dove facing left, underneath the dove is a magpie facing right, pomegranates are surrounding the family in abundance.
A magpie in a chalice standing proudly whilst grapes and leaves trickle down onto a table below, behind is a bold tiger pelt hanging in a layered fabric formation.
Illustrated image depicting a tiger with a magpie on it's head and another magpie in it's mouth

'Chatting away' - Illustration based on Korean beliefs that magpies bring good news and invite good people into your life, inspired by Korean folk art (minhwa) a tiger is depicted with a magpie several times. Using this communication between two opposite species connotes trust, strength, confidence and unhindered socialisation between land and air. Magpies are playfully hanging around a tree, chatting and informing two tigers who were passing, bringing them good news and hope for a better hunt. -

'Can’t choose your family' - Illustration based on more than one folklore, an early 19th century tale tells that magpies were thought to be a raven and dove hybrid, meaning they were the only bird not to be baptised. An abundance of pomegranates, symbolic of fertility, lust, blood and death. Scotland were prominent in spreading the rumour that magpies carry a drop of the devils blood in their mouth, when the tongue is cut, the magpie is capable of human speech. The diversity of birds in one piece points towards solidarity between species. -

'Godspeed' - Illustration based on personal interpretation of Dionysus and Bacchus, gods of wine and agriculture, those of which magpies are largely associated with. A moment in time captures a magpie presenting themselves and their trophies. The act of acquiring many grapes, finery and even an animal pelt makes him exude with pride and confidence in his own indulgence. A singular magpie is depicted in this piece cleverly due to the name of the piece, this idea is to say the name (godspeed) warn off any bad luck from seeing only one magpie. -

This piece is inspired by the belief that magpies are attracted to shiny objects and shows two magpies inspecting the tigers mouth for treasures and finery with ease and confidence. True to the natures of symbiosis, one magpie is scavenging and the other is looking out over the tigers territory. -

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