Edgar + Co Design Studio - The company branding for a studio looking to bring empathy to the workplace

Edgar + Co Design Studio Branding - The exterior street level signage

A breakdown of the brief - To design a collaborative, coworking environment. It should support the range of user needs and fulfil the ideals of Humanistic design.

Mapping- How could this site be fully utilised? - Due to it’s iconic look and prime location, Th design studio could amongst support services that work in conjunction to enhance the working experience

Feasibility - A breakdown of the important spaces and the relationship between them. Giving us a further understanding of the scheme.

Digital Materials Board - A break down of materiality and its use throughout this scheme and its empathetic approach to design.

Scheme Analysis - How does the agile space work? Is the scheme successful? Why is there no reception desk?

Visual 1.0 - Clients and staff are able to use the sofas as a pausing place before meetings or during breaks

Visual 2.0 - Agile work areas and their relationship to the fixed ‘heart’ of the studio - where most presentations and meetings take place

Visual 3.0 - E+ Design Studio is inclusive beyond disability; they support working parents and the coat cupboards bring a touch of whimsy.

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