From the angel of the inanimate object: what if the object sucked the baby's finger instead of the baby swallowing the object?
Weight will cause the object to break off that lead the wearer naturally bends down to pick up the disassembled part, allowing the object to manipulate the body.
The chain between the rings force the wearer to wear them all at once.
Two brooches aim to control the audience's action subconsciously -- which one do you prefer?

Control or Being Controlled#1 - A total of seven pieces of plush are used for the fingers, which were inspired by a child's oral communication with a transitional object.

Control or Being Controlled#2 - 46 arms of second-hand toys are used to construct a wearable object.

Control or Being Controlled#3 - This piece subconsciously controls the behaviour of the wearer. These dolls seem to say "Please don't scratch us."

Control or Being Controlled#4, 5 - The two inanimate pieces control the viewer's choice without being directed to do so.

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