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The perfect storm - A combination of factors associated with climate change will make the current Fairbourne site uninhabitable in 2070.

Development areas - Four proposed sites for a new Fairbourne settlement in 2070 working with existing habitats and natural systems.

Attracting a working age population - Employment designed around a circular economy will attract a younger demographic to the new rural settlement.

Transport map - The new settlement is connected by a narrow gauge railway which overcomes the challenging topography.

Zoning plan - Each of the four proposed settlement sites is designed around perimeter blocks with central shared areas.

Character areas - There are different experiences as you travel on the narrow gauge railway whether you are a resident or a tourist.

Pant Einion 1:500 Masterplan - A residential perimeter block transitions down the hill to public space in the valley.

Cross sections - There is a dramatic 15m level change from the highest to the lowest part of the Pant Einion site.

Planting plan - Native plants from the surrounding habitats are used in the planting plan for the ‘play island’ part of the site.

Fairbourne 2070 The New Gold Rush - Relocate and design a new Fairbourne settlement that is resilient to climate change and uses the principles of a circular economy

David Mahon valley view - The narrow gauge railway transports both people and materials on a viaduct across the valley

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